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Might Magic Heroes Vi Gold Edition Trainer 1.7 1

Eragon's training began the following day. His instructor was an ancient elvish Rider named Oromis, who was captured and maimed by the Forsworn, but later managed to escape and return to Ellesméra. Oromis was bonded to a gold dragon named Glaedr. Eragon's lessons with Oromis were frustrating at first, but he gradually learned what the scope of his responsibilities were. Moreover, he learned other things such as history, art, and politics. His knowledge of magic and the Ancient Language also expanded tremendously.

Might magic heroes vi gold edition trainer 1.7 1

As per Nasuada's request, her being gone left Eragon the new leader of the Varden. He felt this was too much of a burden as he did not think he was strong enough to take on Galbatorix once the Varden reached Urû'baen. He then remembered the final part of Solembum's prophecy and after prodding the werecat, a magically repressed memory told him to have Eragon look in the copy of Domia abr Wyrda Jeod gave him and discovered that the Rock of Kuthian was located on Vroengard, the ancestral home of the Riders. Eragon and Saphira also discovered that, while the both of them could remember the names of the Rock and the Vault of Souls, a deep magic erased the memories of anyone else who knew of the names. After proving this to Glaedr and Arya, they both felt this was too important to ignore if it might increase Eragon's chances of defeating Galbatorix. Though it took some convincing with some of their allies, especially King Orrin, Eragon persuaded them all that this secret mission had to be undertaken. With the elven spellcasters creating fake images of them for appearance's sake, Eragon and Saphira set out for Vroengard with Glaedr to guide them.

Eragon and Murtagh were still evenly matched, despite not being allowed to use magic or their Eldunarí. Eragon then took Glaedr's lesson to heart and allowed Murtagh to critically strike him but allowed Eragon to strike him with a more devastating blow. In his weakened state, Murtagh told Eragon to work with him and he spoke the Name of Names to remove some of Galbatorix's wards while Saphira and Thorn attacked Shruikan. Galbatorix was able to retaliate and held everyone to check. With the king goading him into submission, Eragon could not help but feel it unfair Galbatorix would continue to rule without knowing how many people he had hurt. Without speaking the Ancient Language, Eragon cast a spell that made Galbatorix understand the people's suffering. As the king slowly started to go mad from the voices he heard, Eragon delivered several serious attacks as they dueled. Saphira and Thorn managed to wound Shurikan enough for Arya to use Nieren to kill the mighty dragon. The combination of Eragon's spell and Shruikan's death pushed Galbatorix to finally kill himself with magic, and Eragon scrambled to grab the captive children and everyone else around Nasuada for the Eldunarí to cast a magical shield to repel the king's final spell.

Eragon set about doing Nasuada's will by removing magical oaths of fealty Galbatorix imposed on most of the leaders of the major cities of Alagaësia, as well as removing any dangerous wards and spells around them. On his return to Urû'baen, Eragon paid homage to Brom's grave. Though he entertained the idea of using the Eldunarí's vast knowledge and the name of names to possibly try and resurrect his father, they cautioned against that such complex magic might do more harm than good. Instead, Eragon changed the epitaph to a more fitting representation of Brom's deeds. Upon his return to the now renamed Ilirea, he was saddened to find Arya had returned to Ellesméra to help choose a new ruler for her people after the death of her mother, but also in hopes that the rescued egg would hatch for an elf. Eragon continued to other cities to set Nasuada's will, which included a short visit to Carvahall.

Originally, Eragon was human of average height, intense brown eyes, brown hair, and dark eyebrows. During his travels with Brom, Eragon gained a lean, muscular build. After seeing his reflection in Teirm, any baby fat Eragon might have possessed was gone, stripped away by traveling, sparring, and training for months. His cheekbones were more prominent and the line of his jaw sharper. He also began to start shaving. In Eldest, after asking Eragon to remove his tunic, Oromis says that Eragon has a fair amount of muscle and was not lopsided like most swordsmen, due to him learning how to fight equally well with both hands. He attended the Blood-Oath Celebration in Ellesméra, where he was transfigured into an elf/human hybrid by the dragons' magic. His face became more angular and smooth, his skin as pale as alabaster and emitting a faint glow, as if with a sheen of magic. His eyes became slanted and his ears became tapered as an elf's. He is described as "princely" and "beautiful". Saphira noted that he smelled more like an elf than a human. His sight, touch, smell, hearing, taste, strength, and speed were all augmented to Elf-like sensitivity. He did retain some human qualities, including the need to shave. He is described as "fairer than any human, and more rugged than any elf." Most importantly, he was completely healed of his accursed scar on his back. During the Battle of the Burning Plains, Roran described Eragon as being garbed like a prince and being "powerful and implacable" as well as a "fearsome warrior". He also adds that Eragon's features had become more noble and feline. 041b061a72


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