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Super Cat: The Wild Apache of Dancehall

I found the super cat slow to bloom, and had problems holding a full Oz of fuel unless absolutely level That is why I stick to the YACC STOVE it has never let me down. One solution to the slippery stove top is to scrape the top with a rock to get a better grip.

I started out with the super cat, but feel I have since found a lighter more efficient option. I use the bottom 1/3rd of a redbull can, turn it upside down and place a fuel tab on top. Then I use a windscreen that I made from the inside of a thermal mug. The hard metal from the thermal mug has dual purpose as a stand for the pot/mug also. I only take a small mug with me, but it could be used for pots as well. Fuel tabs are lighter than liquid fuels and can be cut in half or doubled as needed.

super cat


This turns the supercat into a wicking stove which will prime in seconds, handle spills more gracefully and be more resistant to windy conditions. Hiram Cook has some youtube videos where he compares boil times of a super cat with and without the carbon felt.

The flaws you point out here are real but not insurmountable. Use a broad pot and hold the pot above the open flame as the stove primes. Use a more stiff windscreen than foil. In very windy conditions I sometimes supplement the windscreen by build a small wall of rocks to further sheild the stove from wind (easy enough to kick this over afterwards for LNT). Keep a bit of wster handy for a fire. The instability is a bit of an issue but the footprint of the stove is small enough its usually possible to find a flat spot, and just hold the pot when you stir. Prior to the supercat i used other alcohol stove designs that required a separate pot support. This was more stable but more annoying to pack with more potential points of failure, so for me the simplicity of the supercat design was worth the tradeoff.

I have made numerous alcohol stoves including the super cat with several variations in hole size, can size, hole placement, number of holes and so forth and so on. I have also made several different soda can stoves and experimented with all to try and find the maximum efficiency. Here is what I have found to be the most efficient and simplest design for smaller diameter pots such as the Esbit and Optimus 2 cup pots.

I also experienced poor stability and wind fatigue, so I designed a housing unit that converts the cat food can into a centerfire system with excellent wind resistance, and superior stability with only an increase of 0.6 oz. A MYOG foil shield around it helps with fuel efficiency.

For my money there is no better mobile original platforming series than Super Cat Tales from developer Neutronized. The original Super Cat Tales launched all the way back in 2016 and offered a platforming experience built specifically for the touchscreen, with very unique controls that were tricky to wrap your head around at first but far superior than typical virtual buttons once you did. It also featured a cast of adorable characters and visuals that made the game feel like something Nintendo themselves would have released for the SNES back in the day. Oh, and in addition to all that, and most importantly of all, Super Cat Tales offered up extremely well-designed levels and platforming challenges. All of that would carry over to the sequel Super Cat Tales 2 in 2018, though somehow even bigger and better in every way. Fans such as myself had been hoping for a new Super Cat Tales entry ever since, and we were granted our wish when Super Cat Tales: PAWS was formally announced in April of last year. Now, just about a year later, and Super Cat Tales: PAWS finally has a firm release date, as announced in this fantastic new trailer.

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As of 2006, Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK-A) (NYSE:BRK-B) wrote the third-largest amount of net premiums in the reinsurance industry -- an amazing feat for a firm that started out making textiles. One of the key foundations of Berkshire's reinsurance business is its super-catastrophe line, and the company's annual shareholder letters offer an incredibly valuable case study of that segment's success. Let's take a closer look at the integral components of Berkshire's reinsurance division.

Against all oddsBerkshire's success in super-cat reinsurance, which insures very large catastrophic loss events, becomes more impressive in light of the challenges it faced. Capable reinsurers such as RenaissanceRe (NYSE:RNR), XL Capital (NYSE:XL), and Montpelier Re (NYSE:MRH) compete fiercely for market share. In addition, barriers to entry are minimal, with recently formed reinsurers such as Flagstone Re (NYSE:FSR) and Greenlight Re (NASDAQ:GLRE) almost constantly emerging. Lastly, reinsurance is a commodity to some extent.

Although it wasn't in the super-cat area, a good example of this caution came when Lloyds wanted to get rid of its asbestos liability. The backers for those liabilities were Lloyd's "Names," a group of unfortunate wealthy individuals who agreed to take on insurance risks in exchange for a cut of the profits. A while back, those Names got blindsided by an avalanche of asbestos and environmental liabilities, a disaster that threatened Lloyds' very existence.

That sounds like a customer much more concerned with security than price, and it helps to explain how Berkshire continues to use its competitive advantages of speed, size, and security to build its super-cat reinsurance moat.

Berkshire has used similarly astute strategies to build enormously valuable competitive advantages in all of its insurance lines. That's one of the primary reasons why many investors are betting that Berkshire's intrinsic value far exceeds its current share price. Like Berkshire's nervous super-cat customers, it seems we'll have to spin the wheel and see how that bet turns out.

Streaky the Super-Cat is Supergirl's pet cat who gained incredible powers through exposure to X-Kryptonite; such as flight, super-strength, super-speed, invulnerability, and enhanced vision abilities. His distinctive mark is a lightning bolt in his fur running along both sides. He's also a member of the Legion of Super-Pets, alongside other super-powered animals such as Krypto, Beppo and Comet.


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