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Download React Icons for Web and Mobile Design Projects

How to Download and Use React Icons in Your Projects

Icons are essential elements of any user interface. They can convey meaning, enhance aesthetics, and improve usability. But how do you add icons to your React projects easily and efficiently?

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In this article, we will show you how to download and use React Icons, a library that lets you import icons from various icon sets as React components. We will also compare some of the most popular icon sets and share some tips and best practices for using icons in React projects.

What are React Icons?

A brief introduction to React Icons library

React Icons is a library that allows you to include icons from different icon sets in your React projects with minimal effort. It supports over 150,000 icons from more than 100 icon sets, including Font Awesome, Material Design, Bootstrap, Ionicons, Feather, and many more.

React Icons uses ES6 imports that enable you to import only the icons that you need, reducing the bundle size and improving performance. It also renders SVG icons, which are scalable and customizable without losing quality.

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The benefits of using React Icons over other icon libraries

Some of the benefits of using React Icons over other icon libraries are:

  • You can access icons from multiple icon sets with one library.

  • You can use icons as React components with props and styles.

  • You can customize icons globally or locally with IconContext or SvgIcon.

  • You can reduce the bundle size by importing only the icons that you use.

  • You can enjoy high-quality SVG icons that are compatible with different browsers and devices.

How to Install React Icons?

The standard way to install React Icons using npm or yarn

The easiest way to install React Icons is to use npm or yarn. You can run the following command in your terminal:

yarn add react-icons # or npm install react-icons --save

This will add react-icons as a dependency in your package.json file. You also need to have @mui/material and Emotion packages installed as peer dependencies. If you don't have them already, you can run:

yarn add @mui/material @emotion/styled @emotion/react # or npm install @mui/material @emotion/styled @emotion/react --save

The alternative way to install React Icons using @react-icons/all-files package

If your project grows in size and you want to optimize the loading time of your icons, you can use an alternative way to install React Icons using @react-icons/all-files package. This package allows you to import icons from specific subfolders instead of the main index file. This can reduce the number of requests and improve the loading speed of your icons. To use this package, you need to run:

yarn add @react-icons/all-files # or npm install @react-icons/all-files --save

Then, you can import icons from the subfolders of @react-icons/all-files, for example:

import FaBeer from '@react-icons/all-files/fa/FaBeer'

This will import only the FaBeer icon from the Font Awesome icon set.

How to Import and Use React Icons in Your Components?

The syntax for importing icons from different icon sets

To import icons from different icon sets, you need to follow the naming convention of React Icons. The general syntax is:

import IconName from 'react-icons/icon-set'

Where IconName is the name of the icon prefixed with the icon set abbreviation, and icon-set is the name of the icon set in lowercase. For example, to import the beer icon from Font Awesome, you can write:

import FaBeer from 'react-icons/fa'

Some of the common icon set abbreviations are:

  • fa - Font Awesome

  • md - Material Design

  • bs - Bootstrap

  • io - Ionicons

  • fi - Feather

  • gi - Game Icons

  • hi - Heroicons

  • ri - Remix Icon

  • si - Simple Icons

  • wi - Weather Icons

The examples of using icons as React components with props and styles

To use icons as React components, you can simply render them in your JSX code like any other component. You can also pass props and styles to customize their appearance and behavior. For example, you can write:

alert('Cheers!') />

This will render a gold-colored beer icon with a size of 2em, a title attribute of "Cheers!", and an onClick handler that shows an alert message when clicked.

How to Customize React Icons?

How to use IconContext to configure global icon props

If you want to apply some common props or styles to all icons in your project, you can use IconContext. IconContext is a React context that provides a way to pass global configuration to icons. To use IconContext, you need to import it from react-icons and wrap your app or component with it. For example, you can write:

import IconContext from 'react-icons' // ...

// Your app or component

This will apply a size of 1.5em, a color of blue, and a class name of global-icon to all icons in your app or component.

How to use SvgIcon to wrap custom SVG icons

If you have some custom SVG icons that are not included in any icon set, you can still use them with React Icons by using SvgIcon. SvgIcon is a component that wraps an SVG element and renders it as a React component. To use SvgIcon, you need to import it from react-icons and pass your SVG element as a child. For example, you can write:

import SvgIcon from 'react-icons' // ...

This will render a custom star icon with a size of 2em and a color of red.

How to Choose the Best Icon Set for Your Project?

A comparison table of the most popular icon sets supported by React Icons

To help you choose the best icon set for your project, we have created a comparison table of the most popular icon sets supported by React Icons. The table shows the number of icons, the license, the style, and the website of each icon set. You can use this table as a reference to find the icon set that suits your project's needs and preferences.

Icon Set

Number of Icons




Font Awesome


Free and Pro versions

Vector, solid, regular, light, duotone, and brands

Material Design


Apache License 2.0

Material design guidelines, filled, outlined, rounded, two-tone, and sharp



MIT License

Bootstrap icons, SVG and font formats



MIT License

Ionicons design system, outline and filled versions



MIT License

Simple and minimal icons, stroke-based design

Some tips and best practices for using icons in React projects

To make the most of your icons in React projects, here are some tips and best practices to follow:

  • Pick an icon set that matches your project's theme, style, and tone.

  • Use consistent icons across your project to avoid confusion and improve user experience.

  • Avoid using too many icons or icons that are too similar or ambiguous.

  • Use appropriate sizes and colors for your icons to ensure readability and visibility.

  • Add alt text or title attributes to your icons to provide accessibility and context.

  • Use icons sparingly and strategically to complement your content and enhance your message.

Test your icons on different browsers and devices to ensure compatibility and responsive


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