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Aaron Scott

Car Stereo Buying Guide 2013

From the factory, my 2013 (and many other 2013 and 2014 G23s) came with Polk amps and interior speakers (6.5 inch). It had a Polk head unit as well that integrated with the Linc system at the helm. On the tower were four Roswell 7.0 HLCD speakers with built-in dome lighting. There's also a 10in Polk sub tucked under the passenger side compartment. My initial thoughts my first time on the water with this boat and it's OEM stereo were:

car stereo buying guide 2013

When you buy a BMW 328i, as with any other used vehicle, you should factor in a number of different costs on top of the price you pay. Having a reliable buying guide like this can help you make an educated decision when shopping for a BMW, but there are additional ways to figure out the true cost to own.

At some point, you'll need to shop for a new car battery. It might be intimidating to purchase auto parts like a car battery on your own. This helpful automotive battery buying guide should help. Learn more about car batteries, how they work and how to buy the right one for your vehicle. 041b061a72


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